Monday, 5 October 2015

Strobing 💫✨

Hello again ladies,
This week I will be discussing the most talked about beauty trend at the minute known as strobing, it essentially is about highlighting your features. Lately I have seen floods of YouTube videos surrounding strobing, I must admit I've always been a fan of dewy/glowy skin, I've tried several highlighting products so I thought I'd mention a few I hold close to my heart for that perfect glow! 

These are my fave glowy wonders at the minute I use daily as part of my makeup routine, all unique in their own right. I have a habit of buying highlighters it is just something I love for a makeup look, as I have dry combination skin I aim to stay away from matte products and have always been drawn to products that produce a glow to help combat my dry areas. Some of these products are slightly at the pricier end of the scale but are totally worth the steep tag. 

(Dior glow maximizer light boosting primer, £28)

Ok. So I'll start with my base. This primer is more than worth the price, it offers a lovely dewy glow whilst holding your makeup in place all day long. I am aware Dior do other primers but this one particularly aims to give you a subtle glow without looking like a disco ball. And that it does. It reminds me of Mac strobe cream, which unfornately I have ran out of (sobs), it is similar although I'd say this is less powerful and acts as more of a primer whereas I don't feel the strobe cream does. I bought this in March, I use it everyday and it is still going!!! So it is definitely a must have both for primer and for strobing. Aside from your base you could apply a dot to the finger and dab it onto the high points of the cheek too. 

(Mac mineralise skin finish in global glow, £22)

This is my second mineralise skin finish powder, but definitely my favourite. I bought this from the airport, it is a lovely bronzey highlight, I did intentionally buy this for my holidays but it is such a lovely product I will be using this for nights out also. The only downside to this product is if you are heavy handed it can be a complete mess (disco ball), so I would suggest with a product like this to use a light stippling brush or fan brush. On my first use I used a dense powder brush and i just looked like a golden glitter queen and not in a good way. 

(Benefit high beam, £18) 

This product is one I would use the least out of all my strobing products, however it is does not mean that I do not love it!! This colour I would say holds more pink undertones and sometimes against my skin tone can bring out the pink in my skin, for those with neutral or yellow undertones I don't think this would be an issue. I tend to use this product very lightly on a beauty blender on the tip of my nose or on my cupid's bow. 

(Benefit watts up, £24) 

This is my holy grail of quick easy highlighting, it is so easy to use, it does come with an applicator at the other end though I don't actually use it and find it easier to blend with a finger or beauty blender. It is a stick formula which at first I didn't think I would like, but I actually love it! It is a true champagne colour and looks great on my paler days or if I have a tan. It is so universal I even use it under neath my brow to create a glow, I have been using this product for several years now and is a must have in my makeup bag. 

(Bobbi brown shimmer brick in beige, £34)

This is my all time favourite product for highlighting!! I got mine in the shade beige for just a soft glow without any pink or orange undertones. It is very pigmented, a little goes a long way, again similar to the Mac skin finish I have to be careful with application because it is very easy to go too far and end just literally just shimmering in the dark. Having said this, when used correctly it can give a subtle glow without that big glitter residue that some highlighters have, I would say the skin finish is slightly glittery. It is just your skin with a lovely glow. Heartbreakingly I dropped my shimmer brick, I swear I did almost shed a tear, it is quite easy to crack it so be very careful! Definitely my must have for strobing. 

(L to R: benefit watts up, dior maximizer primer, benefit high beam, Mac skin finish and Bobbi brown shimmer brick) 
As the picture shows all the products carry a strong pigmentation. I would recommend all these products for those aiming to get that glowy complexion, it must be noted I do have dry combination skin so some products have have different effects on different skin types. I am always on the hunt for new highlighting products so if anyone has any leave your suggestions in the comment section below :)

Thanks for reading! 

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