Thursday, 19 November 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator 💫💫

Hello makeup junkies, 

Roughly around two weeks ago I managed to get my hands on one of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminators in 'so hollywood' (the best selling shade)!!! For those in the USA this may seem very delayed however in the UK it has been almost impossible to find a retailer that has them in stock .. Besides eBay which some are selling for £45+!!!! So, when I stumbled amongst them in stock on cult beauty I felt like it would be unforgivable not too.. 

                                                         (Shade: So Hollywood) 

I'd read a lot of reviews and YouTube videos of this product online, mostly claiming how gorgeous it was, so when I received this little package at my door I was more than exstatic to open and try it out. It arrived in the usual packaging expected, it landed on my door step only two days after purchasing and totaled to around £31 with shipping (a lot cheaper than eBay!!!). For those wishing to purchase any Anastasia Beverly Hills products I would recommend cult beauty as they are one of the only retailers in the UK with reasonable prices and shipping is almost always immediate. The product itself is 9g, which is normal for a highlighting powder. 

I am in love. It is as, if not more, beautiful in person as I saw in photos online. It is a true gold champagne colour and truly is stunning. I didn't even want to swatch it to begin with as the actual pan is so delicately designed, I feared ruining it. I find it very handy that it comes with a little mirror so if you ever need a mirror on the go or are in a rush it can be whipped from your handbag, not many compacts do have this feature anymore. 


                                               (Swatch: one light application) 
This photo shows one light application using my finger, as you can see the colour pay off is immaculate , I didn't find it too powdery or patchy to swatch. It felt very smooth and light on my hand. I think this shade is truly universal for all, I have light - medium skin, I didn't find it too gold on the skin and I think it would work for those with darker or lighter undertones. It is very pigmented to say the least, when applied to my cheek bones, bridge of my nose and upper lip I didn't find it 'glittery' the way some highlights really do have that full glitter effect. Although I must note, it isn't the most subtle highlight I've tried so if you didn't want an obvious glow I wouldn't recommend this product. Being a highlight obesessive I found this the perfect combination of glowly without the disco ball effect. 

                                    (Brush: Zoeva 129 luxe fan brush - beauty bay)

I think application is very particular to the finish with this product, I use my Zoeva 129 fan brush (£9) to lightly dust to the high points of my face. I did try with my Zoeva face brush however I found it too dense and applied it too harshly to my skin. With this brush it evenly dispersed it onto my skin without over powdering, for those using any powder highlight I would deeply recommend this brush, it really is amazing at creating that natural gorgeous glow. There are cheaper and more luxury versions out there of the fan brush however I am a die hard Zoeva fan so this suits my kit perfectly. 

Overall, I truly love this product, it has soon become my makeup must have for everyday use, I can't imagine not wearing it too finish my look. It is slightly on the higher price range however I honestly believe it is worth it if you have that amount in your budget. It is a true investment and will last months and months. I am excited to try out another shade hopefully when they are back in stock!! 

Thanks for reading.
Lyd X 

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