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Morphe brushes 35n eyeshadow palette review and swatches!!

Hey girls and guys,
So after a recent student loan splurge (oops) I found myself on the hunt for a new eye shadow palette, I am an avid Mac shadow user and have the warm neutrals palette as well as my own build able one. When it comes to my eye look it seems to be the same old and I fancied a change to create some new autumnal looks.
3 hours of YouTube videos later and I came across the morphe brushes palette in '35n' and it's amazing range of 35 colours per palette, however all those who I had watched review it were from outside the UK so just a little tip for those who may want to buy this palette or one from their other collection I'd beware that it can be challenging to find in stock at the moment!! 

I ordered this little beauty for £22 with postage from beauty chamber, I originally wasn't going to purchase this palette as I was actually chasing the '35o' palette however that is out of stock everywhere at the minute but after looking at the fab colours of this palette and it's ridiculous cheap price tag I thought why not! And I am super glad.. 

The packaging is just a simple hard plastic casing similar to the old Mac palettes, it is basic but when I opened it and saw the beautiful contents it didn't really seem to matter! 35 matte shades, ranging from basic creamy beige to a deep black, the colours I didn't expect to be so vibrant but I was truly surprised and impressed. There are some really truly lovely shades in this palette, my favourite being the orangey/rusty colours which are very in and on trend currently. 

So here are some swatches done row by row:

I aplogise now for the poor lighting within this post it is difficult trying to photograph yourself in the middle of the day no where seemed to be perfect lighting. None the less this is the first row, I'd say the least pigmented and lightest row of the palette, these types of colours would make excellent base colours or just soft casual eye looks. 

I honestly love the 4th, 6th and 7th shade on this row, the orangey tones I found to be very pigmented and truly look lovely on blue eyes, they really make them pop. I plan to use this row as crease colours and the orange tones for all over my lid and under my eye. The one colour I find pretty irreverent to my palette is the pink, I don't see myself personally getting much use from this as an eye shadow though it could be used as a soft blush colour. 

This row seemed to be a lot more pigmented that the first two rows, I definitely felt as the rows got darker the pigmentation got a lot stronger. The first few colours seem to be very pink based, I do like these colours though I think they will be used as crease colours. Another colour I didn't love or think I will get much use from is the blue shade. 

This row is by far my fave! I think this will be the most used out of the whole palette, I was in real need of some neutral brown shades to create a more dramatic eye but also that can be used as an all over colour. I would add though that the brown shades do carry a slightly orange under tone to them, but I think I prefer slightly warmer shades on my eyes anyway so this wasn't a major problem for myself. The last two shades are part of the purple/pink family but I see myself using them for a real deep purple smoky eye look. 

And finally the last row of the palette. I do love some of these shades particularly the first 3, they are lovely warm brown shades, again perfect for crease colours. The last and darkest shades in the palette I'd say are the chalkest shades, it was harder to get a strong colour pay off and had to press my finger harder to get the swatch to show.

I truly have fallen in love with this palette it is a steal at only around £18 (without shipping) for 35 shades!!! I'd say I do love some colours more than others but I think this is the case in most of my palettes, I can definitely see myself reaching for this many times and mixing it with other shades I have. The pigmentation is great and the colour pay off for most is good, for its price I am imsensely impressed and hoping I can get my hands on the '35o'. This palette I personally think would suit those with blue/green eyes or who prefer warm shades to cool. This palette certainly resembles other good quality brands though I wouldn't class them as quality as my Mac shades but they are certainly up there. There are plenty of palettes to chose from and I believe beauty bay has started stocking them so I'd keeping checking til they are back in stock!!! 

Thanks for reading :) 

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