Friday, 4 July 2014

Chanel soleil tan de - swatches and first impressions

The holy grail of bronzers..

So after many hum and aring, I finally caved and bought this chanel bronzer which retails at £34. I picked mine up online from Debenehams. I've tried many bronzers including Benefit Hula, YSL and more high street bronzers but always found them to be good until I used this product. Wow.

(RRP £34)

Like all Chanel products the packaging is amazing, soon as it arrived I knew it was going to be something special. Sorry for the over excitement, this is my first Chanel Item!! Despite the picture, it is actually quite big in person, there is a lot of the product. 

When I first opened the lid, I didn't really know what to expect, I had read that it was a dark shade but i was surprised it is actually not that dark. The biggest pro from this product is that it can be worn by most skin types, for instance worn under foundation for paler skin shades or over foundation for more tanned skin. I personally have been wearing it over my foundation because I have come back from holiday recently and have more colour than usual although in the winter I will most likely wear it underneath. 

I apply this product using my real techniques buffing brush into the hollow of my cheek bones and up the side of my face towards the side of my brow. I find using this type of brush allows me to blend it in easier and creates a more natural look. I have read also that some people use there fingers however this method didn't work for me. On the skin it gives a real natural bronzed look, sun kissed without being too orange or dark. Some bronzers can be glittery or shimmery which i actually try too avoid and I think this bronzer isn't shimmery but it does give a slight glow to the skin. 

Gorgeous finish
Sunkissed natural look
Smells amazing
Suitable for many skin shades

Slighty pricey
If not applied right it can look too overpowering

So far I am loving this product, it truly is luxury, it is more of a special splurge but it's most definitely worth it, I recommend this to all! I will be posting a make-up look soon featuring this product so look out for it to see a finished look:) 

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